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Photos of typical types of putrefaction you would see coming out of your body from the small intestine during the "Complete Internal Cleansing Program" at the average of 1 to 3 lbs a day, depending on how much of it you have to loose. 

See testimonials on the "About" page.

Colon Hydrotherapy Pricing

                                                          Single 1 Hour Colon Hydrotherapy  Session .................................................. $   110.00

                                                          Series Of 10 - 1 Hour Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions - 10% off .............. $ 1000.00

                                                          Complete Internal Cleansing & Detox Program with:

                                                          10 - 1 Hour Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions discounted $100 and all

                                                          the products you will need for the 5 week program .................................... $ 1500.00



​​What is Microcurrent Therapy?

Microcurrent therapy, commonly referred to as MENS (microcurrent electrical neuromuscular stimulation), is infinitesimally small pulsating currents of electricity finely-tuned to the level of the electrical exchanges which take place at cellular level. These therapeutic currents, being infinitely more biologically compatible than any other electrical stimulation device, have the ability to penetrate the cell as opposed to passing over the cell as other stimulation devices do. ARNDT-SCHULTZ Law: "Week stimuli increase physiologic activity and very strong stimuli inhibit or abolish activity. 

This subsensory current normalizes the ordinary activity taking place within the cell if it has been injured or otherwise compromised.

This external addition of microcurrent will increase the production of ATP, protein synthesis, oxygenation, ion exchange, absorption of nutrients, elimination of waste products and neutralizes the oscillating polarity of deficient cells.  Homeostasis is restored.

The biologically sensitive stimulation effect of microcurrent picks up where the bodies own electrical current fails as the human body must adhere to the natural law of electricity which is: "electricity must take the path of least resistance'.  Therefore, it's electrical current is destined to move around an injury or defect rather than through it. 

By  normalizing cell activity inflammation is reduced while collagen producing cells are increased.  Healthy cell metabolism creates a healthy, pain free internal environment. 

DOUBLE-BLIND STUDIES LERNER & KIRSCH, on chronic and  acute back pain show the overwhelming effects of MENS over other modalities. 

electrical exchanges within the body have been long understood by medical practitioners.  ​Applying that knowledge has been slow in developing.  Doctors and physical therapist all over the world have been using microcurrent to heal injured muscles, tendons, wounds, and a myrical of injuries and ailments since 1943.

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy is the safe, gentle infusion of warm filtered water into the rectum using no chemicals or drugs. This is a restorative, painless procedure which is both relaxing and effective. The individual lies comfortably on a custom treatment table and the therapist gently inserts a small speculum into the rectum. The therapist then monitors the temperature and pressure of the water infused into and out of the colon (large intestine) without any assistance on the part of the individual. The colon hydrotherapy method cleanses the entire colon without stressing the individual. This method provides a closed system in which waste material is eliminated through the instrument and out the drain line, avoiding any offensive odor and maintaining the dignity of the individual.

Colon Hydrotherapy is an extended and more complete form of an enema. The enema's cleansing activity is limited to the area of the rectum and to shorter periods of time due to the body's natural wish to expel any material from the rectum. The colon Hydrotherapy method extends beyond the rectum to cleanse the entire large intestine and offer greater cleansing and therapeutic benefits. 

Enemas or laxatives may precipitate dehydration in the individual but colon hydrotherapy in effect, would improve the hydration status of the individual.  

The instrument offers a minimal starting water pressure of 1/4 psi (pounds per square inch) and treatment is preformed effectively below the 2 psi setting.

The instrument design affords thorough cleansing and disinfection following each treatment. There is a built-in check valve which prevents waste water from returning to the water supply. The instrument also features a disposable unit which eliminates any possible contamination to the patient from a previous treatment. 

Why Colon Hydrotherapy?

A healthy colon is essential to a healthy body. Conventional diets comprised of refined, processed foods, high in saturated fats and low in fiber contribute to many problems associated with the large intestine. The elimination of undigested food material and other waste products are as important as the digestion and assimilation of food stuffs. Waste material allowed to remain stagnant in the colon results in decomposition of these substances and increased bacteria and their toxins.

The colon contains the largest concentration of bacteria in the body. These bacteria provide important functions such as the synthesis of folic acid, B-vitamins and vitamin K from foods. Bacillus coli and acidophillus comprise the majority of the healthy bacteria in the colon along with other disease producing bacteria in small numbers. Waste material allowed to stagnate alters the proportions of healthy bacteria to disease producing bacteria and the potential for disease exist. These bacteria decompose proteins and carbohydrates resulting in the production of toxins. Some of these toxins are absorbed and can be a potential source of disease elsewhere in the body. 

The purpose of the colon as an eliminative organ is to remove this waste material by mass muscular contraction called peristalsis. Colon Hydrotherapy provides therapeutic improvement of muscular tone, faciliaating peristalsis and benefitting trhe atonic (sluggish) colon. The effects of a stagnant colon can be manifested in the form of constipation, hallitosis skin blemishes, headaches, low back pain, lack of energy and sex drive.

How The Colon Works

The colon (large intestine) is a muscular tube approximately 5-6 feet in length and has an average diameter of 2.5 inches. The small intestine empties the contents of digestion (chyme) into the cecum or first portion of the colon. The colon starts on the lower right side of the abdomen with the cecum and outlines the borders of the abdomen. The ascending colon extends from the cecum to the liver where it bends sharply to the left and crosses the abdomen as the transverse colon. At the level of the spleen, the descending colon continues down the left side of the abdomen to the pelvis where it becomes the sigmoid region. The sigmoid colon empties into the rectum where waste material is eliminated through the anus. 

The contents of digestion (chyme) are moved along by mass muscular movements (peristalsis) which is initiated by the nerve supply to the colon. The main functions of the colon are absorption of water and minerals into the bloodstream and the formation and elimination of feces. The process of digestion from ingestion of food to defecation normally takes between twelve and twenty-four hours. Constipation is defined as an undue or habitual delay in the evacuation of the bowels. Many factors can contribute to this condition including: diet, emotional stress, organic and functional disease. Colon Hydrotherapy promotes drainage through the rectum and enhances the removal of toxins from the various eliminative organs of the body. A cleansing program may lead to the eventual restoration of regular bowel function.

Frequency Of Treatments

An initial series of between 8 to 10 treatments is recommended. Years of improper nutrition cannot possibly be reversed in a few treatments. More treatments may e required in cases of chronic constipation or the atonic (sluggish) colon condition. Following the initial program, it is advisable to have a series of three treatments every three to six months to maintain optimum colon health. 


Good health is as much a function of our elimination status as the quality of food we ingest. Consider that over 400 million dollars is spent annually on laxatives in the United States. Every year 140,000 Americans are diagnosed as having colon-rectal cancer. Of this population, 44% will die as a result of the disease. Colon cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the U.S. following lung cancer in men and breast cancer in women. At least two million suffer from colitis, ileitis, diverticulitis and 100,000 Americans have a colostomy each year. 

Periodic cleansing of the colon could prevent stagnation and minimize the exposure of potential cancer causing agents to the colon wall. Colon Hydrotherapy has a solvent and therapeutic action on the large intestine, whereby waste material in the form of feces, gas, mucous and infectious secretions are removed through the rectum. The result is a cleaner, healthier colon and an improved overall health status. In addition to relief of their symptoms, many people report an increased feeling of well-being, heightened energy levels and renewed vitality.


The health of your Intestinal Tract, both Large and Small Intestines, effects your health, longevity, sense of well being, energy, vitality, mentality and more.

On the "About" page you'll find notarized affidavits from local people that have competed the 35 day "Complete Internal Cleansing & Detox Program", telling about the wonderful benefits they have experienced for their health and well being, as well as weight loss. This program cleans out both your large and small intestines, and detoxifies every organ and cell in the body.  Since the Colon Hydrotherapy water does not go into the small intestine, it requires the right kind of fast with the right kind of natural products that detach the putrefaction from the wall of the small intestine and move it out of the body at an average of 1 to 3 pounds a day.  Colon Hydrotherapy sessions are done twice a week for the 5 week program to keep the large intestine empty so the small intestine can empty into it and be eliminated. This black putrefaction is in the small intestine and you will never see it doing Colon Hydrotherapy alone. Colon Hydrotherapy only cleans out the 5 feet of large intestine and that has fantastic benefits, but cleaning out the small intestine along with it is the ultimate and complete internal cleansing and detox and takes your cleansing to a much higher level.

You can lose an average of one to three pounds of putrefaction a day on the 35 day  "Complete Internal Cleansing & Detox Program". It is not uncommon for people to have 50 to 75 pounds or more of putrefaction inside their body before cleansing. Real weight loss is not about exercising more and eating less, or cutting out fat or carbohydrates, or starving yourself to death. Real permanent weight loss is about eliminating putrefaction, parasites, infection, pathogens, dead cells and debris from your body. You can count on losing in putrefaction the total amount you are overweight. 

You can see photos of this putrefaction below, that is inside everyone's body before the complete internal cleansing, so you will understand. 

 This is very graphic!

To help you better determine if you are someone who can benefit from Colon Hydrotherapy for the cleansing of the large intestine, or a Complete Internal Cleansing Program to cleanse and detoxify both the large and the small intestinal tracts, here are a list of diseases, conditions and symptoms that you may identify with:

                          Overweight ~ Constipation ~ Headache ~ Candida Albicans ~ Diverticulitis ~ Diabetes ~ High Blood Pressure ~ Acne/Skin Problems ~ Joint Pain ~ Cholesterol ~ Arthritis ~ Low Back Pain ~ Lack Of Energy ~ Autointoxication ~ Fever ~ Gas/Bloating ~ Allergies ~ Feel Sick All Over ~ Detox Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking ~ Emotionally Unstable ~ Halitosis ~ Low Stress Level ~ Unhappiness ~ Depression ~ Hypoglycemia ~ Diarrhea ~ Parasites ~ Lumps ~ Colitis ~ Atonic Colon ~ Ileitis ~ Immune System Disorder ~ Heart Disorder ~ Organs Of Elimination ~ Hemorrhoids ~ Triglycerides ~ Ulcers ~ Lack Of Sex Drive ~ Hyper/Hypothermia ~ Cancer ~ Crohn's Disease ~ Indigestion /acid reflux ~ Insomnia ~ Eye Problems ~ Digestive Tract Disorders ~ Nervous System Disorders ~ Irritability ~ Blood Disorders ~ Mental Problems ~ Sleeping Sickness ~ Neuritis ~ Neuralgia ~ Barium Enema disorders